My anvils

My anvil collection and a brief history of each. None are for sale.

121lb Hay Budden

My main workhorse. This anvil was made in Brooklyn, NY around 1912. My great-uncle saved this from a scrapyard many years ago.

100lb Double arch Mousehole

This Colonial-era anvil was made by Mousehole Forge in Sheffield, England between 1780 and 1830. Purchased in Southern New Jersey. The seller acquired it from his friend who repaired old barns in Central New Jersey.

154lb Colonial anvil

My oldest and most perplexing anvil. This anvil weighs 154lb. Marked “POWEL” (Likely Powell). Based on its shape and features, this anvil was likely made in England prior to 1780. Purchased from a farmer just south of Harrisburg, PA.

Pristine late Fisher

1940-1950’s Fisher anvil. I haven’t weighed it but I believe it to be close to 100 lbs. This anvil is pristine. It still has the original sticker and paint. However, it has a small manufacturing defect. The shelf on the horn is crooked. Purchased in Bristol, Pennsylvania.

20lb Fisher

My smallest anvil. 20lb Fisher anvil. Likely made in the early 1900’s. Purchased in Southern New Jersey.